"I paint for the sheer joy of painting. I love it when there's magic in my brush and the muse by my side.
I specialize in landscapes in acrylic and watercolour."

Paul was born in Australia and got the "art bug" as a toddler when he watched his father, Alex Bennett, paint murals of his English homeland on the walls of their house in Geelong, Victoria.

He drew and painted in an amateur way for most of his early life but it wasn't until the early 1980s that Paul got serious about his art. He started taking courses and ended up with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (with distinction) at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.

His final-year mentor was internationally known printmaker Pat Martin Bates, and while Paul practised printmaking at University, he has returned to conventional mark-making in painting.

His work is in the public collections of the University of Victoria, University of Alberta Hospital. Corporate collectors include Alan Emery of the legal firm of Jones, Emery Swann and Robert Unwin of Scotia McLeod Investments.

The greatest of Paul's many accomplishments was to represent his province in an art exhibition during the Commonwealth Games in Victoria. He lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.







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Paul Alex Bennett