Figurative self-educated painter passed to the abstract, Herve ALAGIRAUDE was born in 1967 into FRANCHE COMTE.
He discovers painting after photography in 1994 or he gets busy to recreate existing it until 2002 or one test of abstract involves the catch.
Work is articulated around various techniques even if oil remains the privileged medium.
The research of the transparency and depth pushes the painter to use the glacis that it affectionne.
Very often joinings papers or fabrics are added so as to create the relief and to give life to work.
Several exposures have summers made on the Jura collective or in gallery.
Herve ALAGIRAUDE is in the course of referencing on the dictionary of quotations DROUOT to be appeared into 11/2003.
Partisan of art at reasonable price it is the purchaser who fixes his price on the achievements and if it corresponds to the price desired the business is concluded.
The sources of inspirations are as varied as varied, a landscape, a photograph, a text, all is prone to the inspiration and creation.
Painters of different styles are appreciated like de stael, Fournel Farel or Regaldi to see Magre.


Bouquet vainqueur - Mixed T.
Bouquet vainqueur - Mixed T.






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Hervé Alagiraude