Born on 3rd August 1951 in Merksem, Belgium, mother was Flemish and father from the French speaking side of Belgium. He spent the first 16 years of his life in a small village Ekerendonk, outside the city of Antwerp, with his maternal grand parents.
1962: Was denied to go to the school of decorative art Antwerp instead was sent to the local Athenaeum, Ekeren, which resulted in a complete disaster.
-Left school two and half years later, happily.
1965 : Learns the profession of diamond cutting.
studies art history with the help of local librarian.
-Visits, on regular basis, the Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp, especially to see the big works of Ensor and Delvaux.
1966-67 : Under the influence of the abstract expressionist, Dre van Den Broek, experiments with pictures and sound, using all kinds of mediums like copper, steel, canvas, paper, parts of old radios, tape recorders etc. The paintings of Fred Bervoets and the piano concertos of Fred Van Hoof, free jazz musician, opened new horizons.


Birth of gaints - Oil






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Eric Weets