I am Ukrainian artist.
I was born in Hungary 01.04.1971, grew up in Russia,
but now I live in Lugansk, Ukraine.
I am not the member of any creative associations.
Also I am presented on the www.surrealism.co.uk,
I have my own page on this site.
I work by the painting and the drawing.
But I prefer the painting, because it give me the bigger
possibility to express my impressions.
More than 10 years I work as tattoo-master. And I leave
it's mark on my own painting stile.
My passion for the isoterical literature, for Karlos Kastaneda,
for the Scandinavian mythology(Asatru), for the Ai-ki-do
influenced on my creative too.
So in my art works I strive for express my impressions
without any reflection, only my impressions.



Autumn - Oil/Canvas (100x70)






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Dmitry Shtyka